Why are you providing only Youtube Views and Subscribers?

We specialize in providing high quality Youtube Views and long-term Subscribers for our customers. We may occasionally open up to other services such as likes, comments, shares, or favorites. If you do not see these services available on our website at the moment, we recommend diversifying your marketing needs, that is, using another company for these additional services while you can utilize our services for Views and Subscribers.


Why do you provide a maximum of 500 Subscribers at a time?

Youtube has carefully streamlined and refined its subscriber analysis and detection software during the last few years. The rules set by the revised algorithms implemented by Youtube make it tougher to maintain the true count of views received or subscribers gained. This in turn allows for miscalculations to occur in the process. For example, if you gain too many subscribers in a short period of time, you are looking for a potential drawback because some of these subscribers may be lost – even if they are real people. We always provide real viewers and subscribers, but we cannot assure you with 100% certainty that every single subscriber or video view will remain in your Youtube channel. For this reason, we do not sell more than 500 Subscribers at a time. This also enables us to help you keep your account in good standing and minimizes the risk of Youtube banning your account. If you require more than 500 Subscribers at once, simply submit a new order once your current order completes.


Do you provide refund?

In the event that your Subscribers or Views partially drop, we simply refill your account until the given order is fulfilled. For this reason, we do not issue refund, in part or in full. If you wish to familiarize yourself with our general Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, click here


How do I get 100,000 Views for one video?

For the same reasons as were disclosed before, it is best to gradually increase views for your Youtube videos. We do not sell more than 10,000 views at a time. When you promote your Youtube video, make sure to promote your other videos as well (if they are not promoted yet or do not have sufficient number of views), otherwise these ‘underperforming’ videos will stand out in their low view count in comparison to the sole video you are promoting. Based on all of these factors, it is best to limit one-time Views purchases to minimum numbers per video – especially if you are starting out with your Youtube channel. Thus, trying to keep the same relative number of views for each video may be a strategically good idea.


Can I keep Adsense enabled during my ongoing video view campaign? Can I monetize videos for which I purchase views?

Since we are not using bots but real people, you may keep your video monetization turned on. Please note that our viewers do not engage with monetization of your videos during any given order we fulfill on your behalf. If you want to stay on the safest side, you may choose to disable the monetization for the video in question while your view campaign is running. Keep in mind that while the monetization for the video in question is turned off you will not receive any Youtube revenue for that video.


When I reach 301 views and greater for my video, will my view count freeze?

This 301+ video view count freeze has not happened with orders submitted with us. This is most likely due to the fact that the traffic we send is genuine and not artificially flavored by bots.


Where are the video viewers located?

You will receive traffic from countries all over the world. Thus our viewers come from numerous geographic locations and are never limited to one country or region.


How fast do the views come to my video after I submit the order?

This depends on the order volume you submit with us. If you order 500 views, you may expect to see the order started or sometimes even completed within 24 hours. In the event that the 301+ video view freeze does happen, you may expect to add extra 24 hours to the normal length of the time it takes for us to fulfill your order.


How do I make a payment for an order and how are my orders processed? 

You will make a payment using your credit or debit card. Your order transactions will be conducted through, a third-party payment processor. We do not and will not have access to your payment information. For more information on how your order is processed, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here