How To Best Optimize Your Youtube Videos

As a side tip, make sure your videos are optimized before you promote them. Otherwise your video view count, likes, shares, comments, or subscribers will look fake to your viewers. Seriously? You bet.

How do you optimize Youtube content today? The following points summarize all major parts that make up your Youtube videos. 

Youtube Video Thumbnail

Youtube video thumbnails represent a crucial part of your marketing efforts and determine the likelihood that the user will click your video. If you make a lousy thumbnail to your video, users will think twice before checking out your video. For example, if your niche is in auto parts, you might want to include some pictures of those parts and a few words serving as a title to these videos in your thumbnail. Many people neglect using pictures in thumbnails. This is a major flaw that will cause you to lose views for your videos over time – even if you initially promote it.

Notice that sometimes Youtube channel owners make ridiculous or vague thumbnails to catch viewers’ attention. Of course, by no means obscenity will do any good, but you have to try many different ways to attract attention. Having said that, the best Youtube thumbnail is mostly a trial-and-error process. You can also try to seek advice or ask for constructive criticism from your friends, colleagues or family members as to which thumbnail is the most appealing to them and subsequently formulate an objective opinion on the matter. The best choice of your Youtube video thumbnail determines probably at least 50% of all success factors of your video.

Youtube Video Title

People love making their Youtube video titles long in the hopes of fitting in all those “precious” keywords and tags. Do not fall for this trap! Keep in mind that Youtube truncates the video titles in such a way that if yours exceeds about 50 characters the viewers will not be able to see the complete version of it. Nevertheless, there are channels and videos that perform fairly well with even longer titles. 

Youtube video title length is most likely not the weightiest factor determining the ranking position of your video. The words in the title that you choose matter more. This is when you have to do some research. Take into how popular the title may be. You can use Google Keyword Planner to estimate the search volume of keywords that you are interested in having in your Youtube video title. You can also try the Vidiq online service to perform search volume queries of keywords you want to use for free.

In general, pay careful attention to how competitive the keywords you want to use are in the general online market. The higher the keyword competition, the harder it will be for you to rank your Youtube videos well for that keyword. The best balance you can find is to make your Youtube video title brief, catchy and with fairly low competition keywords.

Youtube Video Description

There has been a considerable debate as to the length of the Youtube video description. Some argue that the longer it is, the better the ranking of the video will be. Again, these types of arguments get settled on an individual basis by using trial-and-error techniques.

What is the most obvious is how you can use Youtube description for your videos. First, note how you can insert links to content relevant to your video in question. For example, if your video is about social media monetization, you can insert links in your Youtube video description pointing to similar videos that discuss monetization. You can also direct viewers to your personal Blog or a Blog post which you dedicate to social media monetization. 

If your video is comparatively longer than average, you may want to include links serving as time markers for various parts of the video. For example, if your Youtube video discusses a step-by-step cooking procedure, you should include marker links to the most important stages of the cooking procedure. For instance, if your video has an important stag beginning at the 2nd minute of the video, you will put 1:00 as the time marker link in your Youtube video description. This will allow the user to jump right to the 2nd minute of the video without having to look for that stage manually. The time marker link technique usually helps the viewer find a specific location in the timeline of the video they are interested in checking out. While longer videos are said to perform and rank better, failing to provide time marker links will isolate your viewers from your long videos.

Now, what about the keywords? You have already included the low competition keywords in your title, and provided a catchy thumbnail. Nevertheless, the Youtube bot will still value the keywords you insert into your video description. Viewers generally feel “lazy” to read these descriptions, but the bot surely will. This is where you have to conduct independent research again. Even though you can technically copy the title keywords into your description, we would advise you to use as many “valuable” keywords as possible. This does not mean you will stuff your description with keywords. It simply means you want to balance low competition ones – placed at the top of the description – with high competition ones placed in the second half of your videos. 

Youtube Video Tags

Tags are often overlooked by the Youtube video owners. It has been repeatedly argued that Youtube video tags play as important a role as the Youtube title and description do. When using tags, you may want to use short tag – as in one or two words – simply because there is a limit to how many tags you can use. For example, if you use a sentence tag, you will have roughly 5-6 such sentences before the system tells you that your tags are too long. Try it yourself and attempt to save these long tags!

When using short video tags, be sure to use low competition keywords. If you use broad video tags, be prepared that they will not do you any good. This is because

  • everyone is using them
  • these broad tags can be applied to many different niches or categories

Also, Youtube is known to place the most weight on the first few video tags. You will want to perform research to determine which tags should come on the top.

Youtube Video Quality

This part is just as important as all parts already discussed earlier. Maybe even the most important part. We have seen tons of Youtube video managers purchase lots of views and subscribers and their videos are still not ranking as well as they wanted them to. Why? Because their video quality is underperforming. If you upload a sloppy recorded video with skipped-audio issues or asynchronous (as in “poorly aligned”) video/audio/writing parts to it, no amount of view or subscribers will help. In fact, we have seen many Youtube video/channel owners lose their fan base when they failed to upload decent quality videos. On top of that, your potential subscribers will be hesitant to join your brand too!

Make sure your videos get as many edits as possible before you post or upload them on Youtube. Moreover, this rule of thumb must be stressed for owners that already promote their existing Youtube videos through us or other promotional vendors. The higher you get in ranking, the more responsibility you will gather for each and every new video you upload on Youtube. Finally, the number of organic Youtube video likes you get heavily depends on the quality of your video. Yes, you can purchase them too. But before you do that, you have to see how your Youtube video is doing objectively. Because if it does fairly well organically, chances are in your favor that it will explode and go viral once you start promoting it.

Final Note

When you optimize your individual Blogs or websites it is often said to be helpful for your SERPs. This is not always the case for your Youtube videos. If you constantly optimize your Youtube videos, be sure that they are not heavily promoted at the same time. The Youtube bot will likely treat every update in “reset” mode – we have seen it happen with lots of our customers. Youtube video owners frequently send complaints to us in regards to them losing Youtube video ranking as soon as they update their Youtube video titles, descriptions and tags. As was mentioned right in the beginning of this article, make sure you complete all steps of manual optimization of your videos before you commit to purchasing our services.

If you were diligent enough to enhance your Youtube videos and have already completed all major steps discussed above, by all means welcome aboard on our platform!

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