How To Generate Organic Youtube Views

How do you promote Youtube content today?

Here are 5 ways you can go about doing that.

Method 1: Using Facebook

You should know that today Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms. At least 80% (yes!) have a Facebook account. Facebook’s number of active users even surpasses Youtube’s number of active users. Seriously? Yup. There is a good load of Facebook traffic that you can use for your videos if you do it right. Of course, there are a number of ways to do it as such.

a) A paid way quickly comes to mind (CPC ads). But what about promoting Youtube content to your friends with a simple free account? Do you ever think about befriending lots of people who are targeted toward your videos? No, you will not spam these people or add friends on a whim. You will actually research groups and find people whose interests match as close as possible to what you offer in your videos. You can visit social groups on Facebook to find related services to your video and see user activity there. Social groups attract visitors who are interested in particular products or services that are talked about there. In a particular group, you do not want to advertise your product directly, as that often results in the moderators treating your said activity as spam – your post may get deleted and you might get subsequently banned from the group and not be allowed to join in or post on it. You can make useful comments to existing posts in the group that do not smell “advertisement” but rather point to value for the general audience reading these comments. Whenever you make a comment, make sure it is relevant to the subject discussed in the post or video that is shared in that post. If you must post or embed a video in your comment, make sure it is 100% to the point and appears naturally to the audience. In general, whenever you make comments, remarks or your own posts in social groups on Facebook, make sure this content is posted in context of ideas discussed and shared by other members.

b) Now goes the paid (CPC ad) way. You will set up your fan page or business page and make sure the user develops instant interest upon visiting your page. Why? Because you are charged an average of $1.80 for each click to your dedicated business page. You can go broke if too many people click and move on. So, be sure you hook them up with lots of cool content (yes, one of your Youtube videos) right on the top of the page so they can check it out. Pick the best Youtube video that you think will grab attention. Your video “coolness” will depend on the quality of the video, not just its content. Make as many edits as possible to maximize the video’s audio quality, effectiveness and conviction. Do not make your videos too long. Do not make your videos too short either. Use thumbnails for your Youtube videos – they play a huge part when it comes to showing these videos in third-party websites or services. Users will not want to waste time checking your video out if its thumbnail does not compel them to click the video start button in the first place. Now, offer something for free on your Facebook fan or business page. Why? Because you want to establish a meaningful trust with your dedicated audience before they decide to do “business” with your business. Make sure this free offer makes sense to them and can help them get started with they want to do, because anyone can find something for free on the internet now and most of it is pretty much is junk. Yes, free stuff does not always equate with good quality, but you can this offer small and invite your audience to check out before giving them something bigger. The free offer may be on your site, the link to which you can indicate below the video. Sounds like too much? We can stop there. You can experiment with the rest.

How do these 2 ways help you with Youtube traffic? First, users will be inclined to subscribe to your Youtube channel and check out your other videos. As you gain subscribers, Youtube will move your videos ahead to the top of the search results. You must be patient, however. Your goal is to spend as little as possible in the very beginning and find ways to draw interest to your videos. So, use a free Facebook account feature before you determine your minimal budget for the dedicated business or fan page.

Method 2: Creating Blogs

So many people nowadays are throwing themselves into limitless possibilities to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. There are billions of blogs posted today, and it just shows how popular this method is for promoting social media content. Wait…what are we promoting? In blogs, you will not directly advertise your videos. You will make postings relevant to your Youtube video content and then provide a link that will be a supplement to the purpose of your blog post. Sounds like it makes sense?

Users hate it when blog authors act as affiliate marketers. Believe it or not, they can see through it very fast. It does not matter whether the product advertised is their own or someone else’s. What users want to see is if you can make their day better than the one they initially started with before they visited your post. You cannot imagine how much more likely the users are to check out your video content if it is not thrown in their faces. Be sure to offer a descriptive and meaningful article, with at least 75% of it not containing links to any products. Now, where can you place your video inside the blog post? At the very end. And mix that video embed or upload with other relevant videos from other channels. This will not create competition but will make you look genuine and not money-hungry. Of course, you can make the number of your videos exceed the number of other people’s videos.

Make sure that your video embed does not take too much space. We are talking about the size of your embed. Make it look secondary in its value as compared to the post itself. Finally, use WordPress – the easiest way to start a blog under a website domain name of your choice. WordPress makes it really easy to edit your content and insert fancy images, social media icons, buttons, and more. Moreover, any edits to links will be taken care of by the WordPress system so you would not need to update every single page tied to the current page you were editing.

Method 3: Youtube SEO

When it come to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Youtube platform, you really do have to pull your hair out and constantly optimize your Youtube videos (until you learn which version wrks best). What do you optimize? The title, description, tags, and thumbnails, to name a few.

Thumbnails help the users see what the video is about before they click. If you made the thumbnail catchy you are improving the chances of the video getting checked out. What is the best thumbnail? The one that uses the most relevant keyword representing the video inside it. You can also insert a picture into the thumbnail to make it look hot and engaging.

Tags provide Youtube with important key words that describe what your video is about. Ranking is said to depend on tags. When using tags, be sure to use about 4 or 5 tags at most, as Youtube is known to prioritize these. If you use more than 5 tags, make sure the keywords in these tags are secondary in value and power.

Title gives a name to your video – a very crucial factor helping Youtube understand what your video is all about. Make sure the tags and title keywords are matched closely in meaning. The title is also one of the most weighty factors determining your rank. Keep in mind that when the title is too long, some devices may not display them fully to users. You would have to rely on your thumbnail to finish the work. If you want the title to be engaging, try to keep it up to 50 characters in length.

Description is the content that you can find below each video. While many users do not check that part out, Youtube search algorithm places weight on it as a major ranking factor. Of course, if you do not have a lot of organic views for your Youtube video, swamping the description with lots of sentences will hardly do much. But…you can insert links to other related videos and main websites that you want users to check out – some users will always click underneath the video. Never say never! When it comes to the optimal length of the description, opinions vary greatly across the search engine optimization specialization spectrum. Some tend to agree with one another that the longer the description is (when it is maximized) the better the rank of the video will be. However, note that most videos with great number of Youtube views do not necessarily flood their video description with tons of information or links. We have seen many examples when successful Youtube video channels would use no more than 5 short sentences describing their video. If you do not have lots of views, it is probably helpful to make your Youtube video description longer than average for a start. 

In general, it is not the best idea to constantly change description, tags, or titles – especially when your video is already doing well. It is known that Youtube treats these updates as a type of “reset” – this may disturb your ranking for quite a bit of time. What you should do, however, is to make your Youtube video engaging so that natural traffic will come its way.

Method 4: Social Media Sharing

Yes, we have already mentioned Facebook – a giant that deserves to be standing there alone. Now, what about Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram?

You will kill us for mentioning Instagram with everything else. That platform belongs to Facebook, however, so in a way we could be repeating ourselves. There is a crucial difference though: Instagram will let you share mostly short videos (or excerpts) from your mobile device. This means you can create small versions of videos and upload them on Instagram for people to see. Crowds are gradually shifting their attention to Instagram now, and you should not overlook this growing social media platform. As you gain more followers you may also start to use ads on your fan pages. Yes, ads do not represent your own videos, but it would not hurt to make a little bit of money while you promote your videos and brand on Instagram.

Twitter is also a powerful tool. Why? It gives followers of your content or brand updates as soon as you have them. You can also include video sharing as part of your tweets. Keep in mind that you cannot edit a tweet once you post it. Twitter helps lots of organizations stay connected, and has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. You can get started by following the most relevant accounts that are similar to what you want to offer. Note that when we mean “similar” we do not imply the word “identical.” Similar content or business means that one niche is somehow related to another. For example, if you offer tutoring services, you may want to follow groups that represent high schools, colleges or social groups or accounts that talk about social lives and experiences of students, tutors, parents, etc. If you find the most relevant accounts on Twitter and follow them, most will follow you back. This will in turn help you with your networking.

Finally, here comes the Pinterest. What is so special about it? It is not a video site, it is rather an image bookmarking site. There are lots of cool images that people constantly check out. If you find someone who pins content or images that you like, you can follow them – and vice versa. What you can do is to pin your blog articles that can potentially draw interest of followers to your content. This option should not be overlooked, especially since your Youtube videos will not be thrown in the user’s face! Pinterest is actually handy in that regard, because it can create a brand that you are looking to promote.

Method 5: Purchase Views

All the methods of making the right SEO for your Youtube videos may be painful and require a great deal of patience. How about buying the views? This sounds inviting. You have to be careful here, however. Only some companies out there offer quality views. We offer very good and high-retention views for your Youtube videos. This is where you must give us a try. We help you gain natural traffic to your Youtube videos and channel.

Do you want to improve your ranking faster on average? Do you want to set your foot on the same ladder step as those channel owners that are at least midway in their path to success?

You can buy a low number of views to see how it works for you. There is no rush. But you have to act now. If you wait, you will have to fight more competition. Start your campaign today and see how much better you will feel soon about your goals and perspectives!

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