Terms of Use

Last Updated: February 8, 2020

Terms of Use (“Terms”) represents a binding contract (“Contract”, “Agreement”) between you (“User”) and StartViews (“we”, “us”, “our”, “Site”, “Company”, “StartViews.com”). User access to the Site and use of its services (“Services”) as well as any purchases you make from the Company constitutes your full agreement to be bound by the Contract. Any terms and conditions not contained on this page may be applicable to specific areas of the Site where any third-party content is posted, in which case the User should follow the terms and conditions attributed to those areas of the Site or third-party content while remaining in full compliance with the Terms.

We reserve the right to revise or change the Terms or Contract at any time without warning. You agree that the revised Terms supersede all previous versions and agree to be bound by the revised Terms. When we post the revised Terms, we will indicate the date of this revision on the top of the page.

Use of StartViews.com

Our Services, which may be purchased via the Site, include, but are not limited to social media promotion. By making purchases of any Services, you agree to make the required payment associated with each purchase and also agree that you

i) are authorized to make such purchases

ii) are the primary social media account holder if your purchase is associated with that social media account

iii) will not use the Services or the Site with intention to perform any fraudulent or illegal activities


You agree that you will not

  • compromise or alter the framework of the Site
  • intercept or tamper with User access to the Site
  • pose threat to the security or integrity of the Site
  • modify the content of the Site
  • access private content of the Site without permission or authorization
  • use the Site in a manner in which the Site was not meant to be used

Marketing Campaigns using Third-Parties 

If you purchased a campaign via our Services to improve or modify statistics for your Youtube content, you agree not to use another company to promote the same content until we finish fulfilling the order. As part of our Services we monitor the statistics for any content we promote, therefore any third-party interference may cause these statistics to be inaccurate. If you do decide to use third-party services for the same content you promote via our Services, then every subscriber, view, like, comment, vote, follower, share, or favorite that will be generated at that time will be treated as part of the order fulfilled by StartViews.com.

System Errors & Corrections

We reserve the right to locate and correct any errors we find on the Site. These errors may be technical system errors or content inaccuracies. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to correct these errors in the timeframe we deem appropriate.


We collect confidential information of the User when they submit the order as part of the Services. No information submitted by the User outside of the order form will be treated as confidential. You agree to grant StartViews.com an irrevocable, royalty-free license to use, display, transmit, or distribute, in entirety or in part, all non-confidential information submitted in any manner we deem necessary.

Social Media Accounts

StartViews.com is not liable for cases when your social media account is temporarily or permanently suspended or deleted as a result of or in connection with the order you submit through us. StartViews.com does not own the social media accounts, therefore we do not control which accounts are at greater risk than the others. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your account maintains good standing in a social media platform of your choice, and make best judgment as to which service or campaign is most suitable for your account. You hereby agree that we will not provide a refund, in part or in full, for any social media accounts closed in connection to your use of our Site or the Services. You also agree to assume all risks when making any purchases through StartViews.com.

Campaign Duration & Order Completion

It is the priority of StartViews.com to complete any given order as soon as possible. While we process all orders on a first-come-first-serve basis, we cannot guarantee that any given order or ongoing campaign can be completed in the originally planned time frame. Any information you receive via e-mail correspondences, phone or chat conversations with our representatives, administrators, employees, or associates does NOT automatically guarantee a specific date at which the given marketing campaign or order will be successfully completed. The fair estimate that we provide in regards to how long it will take for a given order, campaign or project to be completed mainly serves to help customers manage their time or planned schedules.

Campaign Pause

By submitting your order, you acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to pause your unfinished campaign for any reason without prior warning. Reasons for campaign pauses may include updates, errors or termination of services of social networks or related services, and sudden or gradual loss of subscribers on a channel or a page. Please be advised that you will not receive a refund, in part or in full, for any ongoing campaign or submitted order while that campaign is paused.

Modification of Social Media Accounts & Videos

If you submit an order through StartViews.com, please do not edit or remove your social media account credentials such as username, photo/avatar, video, or the account itself. Tampering with these information parameters or accounts themselves during ongoing campaigns will cause major delays in the delivery of our Services as well as campaign pauses due to the target content being lost or unavailable. You hereby agree that any such voluntary changes or account deletions made without prior warning or approval of StartViews.com may constitute a permanent termination of the ongoing campaign or order affected by these changes, and that you will be ineligible to receive a refund, in part or in full, for the terminated campaign or order.

Delivery of Service

While we guarantee our Services, we may occasionally deliver an extra amount. For example, you may see slightly more subscribers, video views or likes than expected. Any extra deliveries that you receive will be treated as a backup in cases when there are minor accidental loses of likes, subscribers or views. No replacement for these losses will be made if these losses are less than or equal to the extra amounts delivered. Moreover, extra deliveries are not subject to high-retention requirement if they are part of a high-retention order.

Termination of Service

The duration of the Contract will start as soon as you submit an order with StartViews.com. If we determine that you are abusing or manipulating our Site or the Services or breaching the Contract in any way, we reserve the right, without limitation of any other right or relief due to us, to cease providing the Services to you. We also reserve the right to withhold any amount owed to you in connection with the Company denying you the Services should you violate any provisions of the Contract.


The Site content is created, owned and copyrighted by StartViews as enforced by the United States copyright law. Any portions of the content that do not originate from StartViews are copyrighted by third-party authors, websites, individuals, organizations, or entities under the United States or foreign copyright laws. You may NOT use any of the above-mentioned copyrighted materials without prior written approval of StartViews or third-party individuals, organizations, authors, websites, or entities. The Site content or any part of it may NOT be copied, reproduced, distributed, shared, uploaded, or edited without prior written approval of StartViews or third-party owners.

Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability


StartViews.com is not responsible for any punitive damages, liabilities, or financial losses, which, whether sounding in tort or in contract, occur from your use of the Site or the Services. You agree to assume all risk while using StartViews.com or the Services.


You agree to grant us full indemnity and defense as well as acknowledge that StartViews.com, without exception, takes no responsibility for, or involvement with, any claim associated with, or arising as a result of, your use of the Site or the Services. You also agree to defend us from any harm arising out of a claim referring to events, true or otherwise, that would indicate a violation of this Contract.

Refund Policy

You agree to be bound by the Refund Policy as stated below. Any exceptions that we make to the Refund Policy stated below will be made at our sole discretion.

StartViews.com does not offer refunds for any services rendered to a customer.


Please note that we will not tolerate any abusive action or behavior from a User. If you file a fraudulent PayPal dispute for any order made through StartViews.com, we reserve the right to report your Youtube channel, video or any other media content for which you purchased our Services. This means your order will be made available for Youtube or any other social network to investigate. Please be further aware that these subsequent investigations may lead to permanent suspension of your Youtube channel or any other social media account. We also reserve the right to share your PayPal email address with popular marketing firms and forums found across the web. You agree to take full responsibility for your actions and endure all emergent consequences.

Entire Agreement

The Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between StartViews.com and all parties subject to conditions listed herein.


Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 24, 2019

StartViews (“us”, “we”, “our”) owns and operates the StartViews.com website (“Service”, “Site”). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, maintain, use, and make available personal data or files when you (“User”) utilize our Site or choose how you will utilize the Service. We retain personal data for the sole reason of improving and enhancing our Site and Service. By utilizing our Site you agree to provide personal information as required in this Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted, all terms and conditions disclosed in this Privacy Policy fall in agreement with our Terms of Use displayed above.

Privacy Policy Modification

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Please be sure to check this page for any updates by locating the date of the most current update (shown at the top of this Privacy Policy). We will also post a general notification regarding every update on the front page of our Site at least a few days before the new Privacy Policy version will become effective. You agree that any updated Privacy Policy version supersedes all previous versions and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy version currently posted.


  • Personal Data serves as an identifier of an entity, person or User; this data may come from third-party applications that we may utilize as part of receipt and fulfillment of your order
  • Usage Data is data collected automatically via your use of Service or by your Site visit
  • Cookies are data stored on your computer or mobile device. This data is collected by the Site upon your first-time and subsequent visits
  • Data Subject is a User, entity or individual who is utilizing our Service and generates Personal Data by visiting the Site or using our Service
  • Data Controller is a legal entity, individual or group of individuals who collect(s) and use(s) the data provided or generated by the Data Subject in any manner, or for any purpose, it or they deem(s) best suitable. If you intend to follow this Privacy Policy, then StartViews.com is your Data Controller.
  • Data Processor is a legal entity or person who processes the data collected and transmitted by the Data Controller. Data Processor may be treated as a service provider who will help us process the data generated by your Site visit or use of Service

How The Data Is Collected

i) Personal Data may be Email Address as well as Cookies and/or Usage Data that helps identify the User. We may use Personal Data to market additional products and services to you, enhance or improve our existing services, or provide updates as well as information that may be useful to you.

ii) Usage Data identify a User who is performing all recorded activities on our Site. These identifiers are

  • your IP address (Internet Protocol identifier)
  • browser name and version
  • device type and version
  • pages of your Site visit
  • time and date of your Site visit
  • duration of your Site visit
  • a country and city in which you accessed the Site

iii) Cookies help us track and store all User activities on our Site and Service. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device through the browser you are using while you visit the Site. To help us track User activity we utilize such technologies as beacons, tags, and scripts to collect and track information in order to enhance or improve our existing Site or Service. Users may control how or when their cookies are stored in their devices. For example, a User may choose to disallow cookies to be stored during their Site session. It is advised, however, that you allow all cookies to be enabled for storage in order for some Site fragments to show and work properly. Some cookie types are displayed below.

  • Session Cookies are used to maintain the Service
  • Security Cookies maintain security of a User during their visit
  • Preference Cookies help the Site retain initial User settings or preferences

How the Data Is Used

StartViews.com uses the User data it collects to

  • provide and maintain our Site and Service
  • send notifications to Users about any updates to our Site or Service
  • gain User feedback and provide them with general customer support
  • analyze User data, usage and engagement to enhance and improve our Service
  • detect and correct any Site errors or inaccuracies
  • provide Users with special announcements, discounts and promotions, new products or services, or additional products similar to the ones already purchased via our Site or Service (except when a User opted out to receive such notifications)
  • let Users take part in special interactive features of the Site or Service if they agree to do so

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

For Users who are located in the European Economic Area (EEA), the purpose for which we collect and use your Personal Data is constrained by specific situations that require us to collect, use or disclose it.

StartViews.com will process Personal Data of a User when

  • you have granted us authorization to do so
  • we aim to close a contract with you
  • we process a payment or order
  • it is a business advantage for us to do so irrespective of your rights
  • we are required to do so by the local, regional, state, federal, or international laws

How Data Is Retained

StartViews.com will retain Personal Data for an indefinite period of time while all provisions describing its usage remain in full force and effect as construed in this Privacy Policy. We may be required to retain Personal Data for as long as possible in order to abide by the local, state, federal, or international laws. We may also retain Personal Data to resolve any order or campaign disputes initiated by Users or our representatives, or to maintain the legitimacy of all enforced policies, concessions and agreements made with Users. Finally, we may use Personal Data (though for a definite period of time) to analyze our Site or Service structure, functionality and security.

Data Transfer

Personal Data and other information you provide may be transferred to, and retained in, computer and mobile devices located outside of your city, state, region, or country that defines its own data protection rules and regulations that may be in conflict with those in your legal jurisdiction. Since StartViews.com operates in the United States of America, all Personal Data and additional information that we detect from Users will be processed and stored in the United States. If you acknowledge this Privacy Policy, you are granting us an irrevocable consent to transfer all submitted information, including Personal Data, to our United States jurisdiction. StartViews.com will take all measures to protect the security of Personal Data and other information transferred, and will closely follow the guidelines disclosed in this Privacy Policy. Personal Data and other information you submit will not be transferred outside of the United States unless it is done so with maximum security.

Data Disclosure

i) Legal Obligation

StartViews.com will disclose your Personal Data if

  • we are required to do so by law
  • we are required to investigate and help prosecute any fraud committed on our Site or Service
  • we aim to defend the rights or property of StartViews
  • we aim to protect personal safety and property of other Users and third-parties
  • we aim to shield StartViews from legal consequences or liabilities

ii) Data Security

Our task is to enforce and maximize the security of Personal Data transfer and retention to the fullest extent possible. While we treat customer security with utmost care and importance – and strive to follow the most effective and market-based Personal Data protection standards – absolute security is never guaranteed when it comes to digital or electronic transmission as well as storage of information over the Internet.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Data Protection Rights

Users who reside in the European Economic Area (EEA) have specific data protection rights. StartViews.com takes all measures necessary to let a User edit, restrict, or delete the usage of their Personal Data. If at any time you want to inquire about the specific Personal Data we retain about you, and wish it to be removed from our database, please let us know by e-mail startviews2019@gmail.com.

If you wish to exercise any of the data protection rights listed below, please be advised that we will require you to present a proof of your identity before we offer a constructive response to your inquiry.

The following list contains specific data protection rights that an EEA User is entitled to:

  • User’s right to access, edit or erase their information maintained by StartViews.com. Whenever applicable, you may access, edit or ask for deletion of your Personal Data in the section of your account settings. You may always contact us if you wish us to perform these actions on your behalf should you be unable to do so yourself.
  • User’s right of rectification. You have the right to have your information rectified if that information is misleading or insufficient. The rectification request should be sent to us by e-mail startviews2019@gmail.com
  • The right to data portability. You have the right to retain a copy of the information we keep on your behalf in a systematic, machine-readable and standardized format
  • The right to withdraw consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time if StartViews.com required your consent to process your Personal Data
  • The right of restriction. You have the right to demand that we restrict the processing of your Personal Data
  • The right to object. You have the right to object to our processing of your Personal Data

You also have a right to file a complaint with Data Protection Authority regarding how we collect and utilize your personal information. Please contact your local data protection center in EEA for more details.

Service Providers

StartViews.com may use or seek services of third-party service providers (“Service Providers”) to help analyze its traffic sources and User activity. These analyses also help us determine best ways to improve our existing Service and Site.

Please be advised that the third-party Service providers may gain access to Personal Data that you submit through StartViews.com to strictly provide us with technical and business analysis and will not be allowed to share this information with any other entity, company, individual, or service provider.

i) Third-Party Software & User Analytics

The main Service Provider that we use is listed below:

  • Google Analytics
    This is a web analytics tool, invented and run by Google, Inc., which monitors and reports website traffic and User activity. This tool lets us gain insight into how Users interact within our Site and how they use our Service. Google also shares this information with its advertisement services that deliver customized ads based upon the User activity and website visits.
    If you do not want your activity to be tracked and become invisible, you may install the Google Analytics opt-out add-on in your browser. Google has a specific page outlining its privacy policies, which you can find here: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en

ii) Payments

We accept and process payments on our Site and Service using PayPal.com, a third-party electronic payment processing Service Provider. When we accept payments using PayPal.com, we never have access to your credit card details nor we do store that information. PayPal.com will store your credit card information as well as your transaction details and history on their server. PayPal.com is known to be PCI-compliant and follows all PCI-DSS rules and regulations to deliver maximum security and privacy for any given electronic transaction. If you have any questions relating to their Privacy Policy, please use the following link: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full  


StartViews.com may contain links that will point to third-party sources, applications or websites that are not controlled by StartViews.com. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of, reliability of, functionality of, security on, privacy in, rules and regulations in, or policies contained in, these third-party websites or applications. You agree to familiarize yourself with all documentation contained in these third-party sources, websites or applications and assume all risk while browsing their content.

Data Collection From Children

StartViews.com is not meant for individuals under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian, it is your sole responsibility to monitor all Internet activities of your child under the age of 18, and make sure that they do not gain access to our Service. If at any time you learn that your child provided us with their Personal Data or any other information, please contact us immediately by e-mail startviews2019@gmail.com. If at any time we learn to have collected Personal Data from an individual under the age of 18, we will take necessary steps to promptly remove that information from our database.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please send us an e-mail to startviews2019@gmail.com